YWCA Ireland Joins Turn Off the Red Light

Turn off the red lightIn October 2014, following in depth discussion and prayerful consideration the YWCA Ireland National Board took an important step in formalizing their position on the issues of prostitution and sex trafficking. By becoming official partners of the Turn Off the Red Light Campaign we accept;

  • that prostitution and sex trafficking are inextricably linked
  • that they are both harmful and abusive
  • that they are part of a gendered phenomenon which objectifies and exploits women
  • that they are forms of violence against women that should be fought.

The Turn Off the Red Light Campaign advocates that the best way to tackle the exploitation which takes place in the sex trade, both to women in prostitution and victims of sex trafficking, is by tackling the root cause of this exploitation, which is the demand for commercial sex. Criminalizing the purchase of sex is an effective way of reducing demand, and has been proven to reduce sex trafficking in the countries which have adopted it including, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway. The Turn Off the Red Light Campaign wants Ireland to introduce this measure which will send a strong message that women in Ireland are not for sale.

For more information on the Turn Off the Red Light Campaign click here 

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