YWCA Ireland Covid-19 resources

Working from home has its own unique challenges and opportunities, depending on the type of work you do and the home you have, who you live with and what distractions you may have to contend with. Give yourself grace and do your best! We have put together these tips to empower you to be productive and take care of yourself. * If home is not safe, help is available! Call Womensaid on 1800 341 900
These are stressful times. There is allot you can’t control. But you can control how much content you expose yourself to, and how reliable your sources are. It’s important to be responsibly informed during these times, but it’s also ok to put boundaries in place to protect your mental health.
Many young women are facing uncertain and changing financial pressures. We hope these tips can get you started on new money management challenges you may be facing.
As we increase our use on online methods to reach and serve our communities, it can present new challenges to preserving a safe interaction space. Here are some tips about how a safe spaces ethos can be enacted in an online environment
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