World Cup Focus: If It Were Your Daughter

We’re told it’s going to be emotional. As World Cup fever grips the soccer-loving nations of the world, the focus of many is firmly on the nation of Brazil. Sadly, however, not all of those travelling to Brazil are going for the football. Between half a million and two million are trapped in child prostitution in the country (now one of the highest rates in the world). Tragically, these games are creating the perfect conditions for human trafficking to thrive and traffickers have been grooming thousands of children in preparation for men to arrive. For these children, sold for less than £10 per customer, it’s not going to be emotional – it’s going to be traumatic.

As the competition is played out, please spare a thought for these precious young ones, and please pray….

Pray for: 

•    Christian organisations hard at work on the ground, rescuing many of these children and providing them with homes.
•    Those directly involved in child exploitation; that the Holy Spirit would convict them of the terrible wrong they are doing to young lives and cause many to rethink their actions
•    Those doing evangelism around the stadiums – that many would come to know Christ and begin to have a positive influence on others around them.

For more specific prayer information on this topic check out this prayer guide developed by Exodus Cry 

by Kathy Bae, YWCA Monaghan

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