Nepal Call to Action: Request for Solidarity and Prayers

In solidarity and thoughts we pray for our sisters in Nepal following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal, parts of India and Bangladesh on Saturday, 25 April 2015. The World YWCA was in immediate contact with the YWCA of Nepal and India on Saturday to share thoughts and prayers for family and friends.

With relief we heard that family and friends were all safe but on alert for the aftershocks. This morning the World General Secretary, Nyaradzayai spoke with Draupadi Rokaya, General Secretary of the YWCA of Nepal. Draupadi shared that people are sleeping outside, including outside the YWCA office and hostel, people are frightened to go into their homes or their homes have been destroyed. Aftershocks are still being felt. The YWCA of Nepal is working closely with the Christian Relief Committee with YWCA members volunteering with medical teams at the hospital and people living on the street outside the YWCA many who are now homeless. The relief needed is practical assistance with food and blankets and to support and sustain volunteers working with the YWCA. Draupadi and the team are wishing to provide peer to peer counselling to young people affected by the earthquake as many lives are devastated. Draupadi says there is a need for emergency and longer term counselling services for young women and the YWCA of Nepal already have a small team of young women counsellors already trained. We extend our prayers and solidarity to all in Nepal and affected areas in India and Bangladesh at a time of great sorrow for many.

If you wish to donate funds you can either contact YWCA of Nepal directly by calling Draupadi Rokaya on +977 9851017649 or email YWCA of Nepal [email protected] or email Sara Llort, World YWCA Head of Finance and Operations [email protected], who is overseeing the World YWCA Nepal disaster fund.

Financial Contributions will support:

Practical assistance with food and blankets for the homeless and volunteers.
Peer to peer counselling.
Emergency and longer term counselling service

Published by World YWCA 27/04/2015 12:05 pm

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