Call for Solidarity: Statement by the Greek YWCA

No other European population has suffered more from the Eurozone crisis than the Greek people. So far the outcome of the implemented policies by institutions and the Greek governments is a million and a half unemployed, three million poor and thousands of families without income. We, the women of the YWCA of Greece, will continue to speak out for the dignity of our great nation. We will continue to highlight democracy inequalities and justice. We will continue to upkeep our Oath to champion for the rights of every woman, man or child. We will continue to devote all of our strengths to protect the most vulnerable people around us and to be the voice of the unfortunate ones, of those suffering poverty and deprivation of those that are being stripped out of their means to make an honest living. We will continue to discuss the great differences between the notion of economic growth and economic development, to teach young women to recognise and demand their human rights, to promote our vision of an equal and inclusive world. The Greek YWCA has always sponsored women’s’ struggle for equality and dignity. Through the provision of supporting services, educational opportunities and empowering workshops promoting human rights, we have always tried to ensure that the vision of a better world for everyone is possible and in our reach. Through times of crisis in our past the Greek YWCA has stood as a faithful companion to all women. In this moment of social turmoil we have to meet the challenges and thrive through the difficulties. We will try to employ any means necessary and ask for support from our allies to be able to win in our ethical struggle. We, as proud members of the World YWCA, will continue to provide safe places and services that guarantee hope for a better life.
For all these reasons we call all our sisters and friends to stay in solidarity with us.

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