Breakforth Girls Arize Conference, 18th July 2015

By Busola Shogbamimu

When my neighbour died two years ago, he was over 70 years of age and very lonely man. My worst fears for him were confirmed as he had died a couple of days before he was found. Several attempts to connect with him had been brushed off. I once caught him in his back garden crying. Of course, the moment I called out to him, he wiped off the tears and tried reassuring me all was well. I attended his cremation service only to find out that he had a daughter, a son in law, a grandchild and an ex-wife. The total number of people in the service was about 15 and that included 5 of us from the neighbourhood, who decided to attend to pay our last respects.

In comparison, a sister from my church died of cancer about 4 years ago at the age of 45 years. After the funeral service, we all went back to her house and it was a celebration of life! I remember going to bed later that night and couldn’t sleep, all I could think about was the impact she made in such a short life.

Many times, we walk through life, not knowing why we are here. Yet, when we look around us, there is so much we can do to help humanity. So much in the inside of you that is a gift unique to you alone and nobody else can give it in the same measure or quality that you have been endowed with. Starting from as little as a smile, a helping hand, words of encouragement, volunteering, heart for the poor etc.

Breakforth is a faith based women’s empowerment organisation. We believe when you empower a woman, she will sustain herself and her household, she will make sure her children are fed, educated, clothed and with the right moral attitude, they will in turn help others. We would love to change the whole world altogether for good and we can start with one woman at a time.So, Breakforth birthed the Girls Arize initiative,

Every year, Girls Arize organises an empowerment seminar to teach teenage girls and young adult females how to make an impact in society, how to stand tall, how to be who you are called to be, how to achieve purpose, how to be the difference and how to go the extra mile. .

This year being the 3rd annual Girls Arize Leadership conference with the theme MAKING IT HAPPEN. Do you have a dream or passion, you are not sure how to proceed to begin to actualise it, or you just want to discover your purpose in life, or simply get your hands on a project you can be responsible for? We will have you taken care of. We are raising leaders and sending them out to impact the world positively. Our program this year is purpose filled, interactive, fun and full of networking opportunities to form bonds with people of like minds who want to make a change too.

We look forward to you being a part of this year’s conference.   For more information on our work, visit our website on and tickets for the conference is still available on:


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