Brazil So Far!

If you are reading this and seeing my face for the first time, I will give you a quick background on who I am and what I am doing so that you are not completely lost. My name is Katherine (Kat) Duncan, I’m 25 years old from a little village just outside Ballymena in Northern Ireland. I have just moved to São Paulo Brazil to work as a Latin Link missionary in an after care facility for rescued victims (age 0-17yrs) of Child Sex Trafficking called Casa Liberdade (Freedom House). I am also the founder of a little ministry called Fight for Flight which exists to support the needs of Casa Liberdade prayerfully and financially.

One Word: Missionary 

I want to begin by saying two things: Mission first of all is not what is commonly thought or imagined. Secondly most of the stereotypes or ideas that we have about other countries are simply stereotypes.We tend to have a rose tinted glass view of mission and missionaries. I know I certainly did. That somehow missionaries are these Saint like people who are all-rounders at everything with few or if any faults. This kind of view or perception is very harmful indeed, which is probably why I never dreamed in a million years that I would or could be one. When God began to call me, 3 years ago, I spent the first year telling Him that He must have the wrong girl. I didn’t feel adequate and I didn’t feel equipped. And from the many missionaries I’ve met over these past three years, almost 100% of them will tell you the same. In fact I have realised the label is the problem. The label of missionary is like putting a huge measuring stick beside yourself where you start to try to live up to this
same label that the likes of Amy Carmichael and Taylor Hudson bore. This is simply futile, you have only started out and are already your comparing your journey to that of a man/woman who served the Lord for 40/50 years. It is senseless, but yet we compare ourselves.

God began speaking to me about this. He said you only know who you are now in the present and who you were in the past but only I know who you will be in the future, you must trust that I know what I’m doing in you. He said you are unique, one of kind and made for a specific purpose and destiny, no one has walked where you walked and no will go where you go. Your journey is one of a kind, it cannot be compared to anyone else’s. So I decided to stop labeling myself, because in fact we are all missionaries in our spheres of influence, discipled and called by God to bring light to the darkness. Why am I writing this? because I want to encourage you to walk in all that God is whispering or pointing you towards, I’m writing this because I want to break down the labels and the misconceptions we hold of ministry and those who do it. I want to encourage you that the reality is that God uses the broken, wounded and inadequate pieces to build His Kingdom, you are enough for Him as you are, He will fill in the rest of what you cannot do, because the greatest ministry you will ever be part of is the ministry that God
does inside of you, we must nurture it first and foremost and the rest will overflow from there.

Two Months: of Brazilian Life

I arrived in Brazil on the 08/11 and was picked up at the airport by my lovely Latin Link mentor/housemate: Verna Langrell. She has very much helped me to settle in and feel at home here already. She has helped walk me through some of the doubts and helped kill a few cockroaches along the way (real ones). She has been a source of great advice and wisdom and has helped me to keep a healthy view on what I can expect from myself at this early stage. She helps to pace me at times when a I want to run ahead, and helps to give me a good shove when I’m feeling less than motivated to study Portuguese (a ridiculously hard language). God has provided in so many ways and she is definitely one of them. The main focus of the past two months has been my study of Portuguese, although I already speak the language, a deeper understanding is necessary for ministry and it’s important that I invest in it now. Especially because when the house is opens next year, there will be little time for studies and when dealing with young children who have been severely mistreated, there will be no room for mistakes or “sorry can you repeat what you just said” as the circumstances are so sensitive, that can hinder them from even talking at all if I misinterpret something.

I have also been involved with a special project called “Gift Box” which is an awareness tool produced by Stop the Traffick Intl. It has been amazing to be part of this project, as the majority of the Brazil public are very much unaware that trafficking is a huge problem here. I have met so many interesting people on the streets, most of them with their own stories of injustice and pain to tell, I realised there are so many people here who just want someone to listen. It has been a great practice for Portuguese as well. I have also been involved in outreach in the Red Light District in Praça da Luz and night long prayer vigils in Crackland in the centre of the city. I am now very ready to take a little break for Christmas as I will soon be travelling with my Brazilian family. I know these next two weeks will be some of the hardest moments since I have arrived as at Christmas time we think most of our families and loved ones. Please pray for me and my precious family at this time. Thank you so much for all the love and support that I have already received, I am so thankful for each one of you!

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