Our Board

Our Board
Our national board and its committees are composed of dedicated volunteers who ensure that YWCA Ireland is governed in a strong and ethical way.

National board
The national board of YWCA Ireland is responsible for our overall strategy, constitution, budget and future direction of our association. It is chaired by our President, and meets quarterly. Our board members are recruited from around Ireland, and come from a variety of backgrounds. Our commitment to supporting young women in leadership means that we particularly are keen to ensure that we have at least three board members aged under 30.

Trust Corporation
The association’s Trust Corporation is a company limited by shares; its primary duty is stewardship of the association’s assets.

Board members and Directors of YWCA Ireland Trust Corporation 

Lauren Shaw, Co-chair
Lauren is from County Down and has recently completed a Masters in Human Rights Law at Queens University Belfast, including a dissertation on human rights law and domestic violence. She is passionate about gender equality and women’s leadership.

Lynn McKenzie, Co-chair
Lynn is a member of the Carrick Community Church leadership team. She oversees strategy and mission development as well as supporting church staff with HR and compliance matters. She was full time youth pastor with the church for over 10 years and went on to lead a range of community projects with organisations like YMCA Ireland and Summer Madness.

Lynn believes in the potential of young people to accomplish community change and is passionate about seeing people develop to reach their goals. She believes in the authenticity and integrity of who Jesus is and loves how he stood up against the oppressors in society with grace and strength.

Katie Lynch, Vice-chair
Katie studied Sociology and International Development, she is fascinated by the issues our societies are grappling with. With a keen sense of justice, she is delighted to be in a role where she can use her skills and her voice to speak up for those in marginalised and difficult situations. Katie loves to read, write, and ask life’s big questions, and considers her feminism to be a God-given gift!

Katherine Martin, Treasurer and Company secretary
Katherine lives in Dublin and has recently completed her BA in Trinity College. She is passionate about gender equality and seeing women fulfill their God-given potential. Katherine joined the YWCA as a member in 2014 and took on the role of Treasurer in 2017.

Melody Chadamoyo
Melody has been living in Dublin for 20 years. Originally from Zimbabwe, she holds an MSc in Information and Library Studies from University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She currently works as a librarian at Technological University Dublin, Tallaght campus. Melody also works as a Relationship coach who helps women heal from past pain in order to have happy and fulfilling relationships. She’s passionate about partnership, equality and women leadership and also serves as Treasurer on the board of the European YWCA.