Young Women’s Christian Association Ireland

YWCA Ireland (Young Women’s Christian Association of Ireland) is a national membership- based women’s organisation and registered charity affiliated with the World YWCA movement. The Association is ‘all island’ and is formed by 5 local associations in Dublin, Greystones, Monaghan, Newcastle (Co. Down) and Lisburn that provide a wide range of activities including youth work, faith activities, children’s clubs, mothers and toddlers, lunch clubs, accommodation provision and awareness raising activities. At a national level YWCA Ireland seeks to support and encourage women as they lead change in our society. Key priorities include faith,  gender equality, women’s leadership and social justice.

YWCA Envisioning Goal 2035


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  • Covid-19 Call to PrayerDear YWCA Sisters and Supporters,  The developments of the past week have brought changes and challenges we could never have anticipated. COVID-19 has crept into our lives, disrupting our routines and relationships. We face difficult, unknown days ahead.  As an Association rooted in Christianity, we turn to God in these uncertain times. Psalm 46...
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  • YWCA Ireland and Covid-19We wish to extend our sympathies and prayers to all those suffering from Covid-19 and their families. We encourage our community to stay home, stay safe and join us in prayer, safe community response and healthy self care during this time. We are deeply grateful to all of the healthcare...
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  • Covid-19 and WomenInformation from Casey Harden, General Secretary of World YWCA Gender is often an ignored factor during health emergencies, even though women comprise 70% of the global healthcare workforce. The emergency measures needed to fight COVID-19 have increased the burden of many women regarding domestic work and the care of children, elderly...
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